Save time and increase security with a package locker for deliveries

A cost effective parcel locker system for properties

Is your team spending half of their day signing for and distributing packages? Are you running out of space to store everything? Does it seem like you’re doing UPS’s job for them? It sounds like it’s time to get Luxer One package lockers in your property!

Remove your staff from the package handling equation. Package delivery directly to lockers and residents pick up packages at their convenience with our locker solutions.

Packages are securely stored in our electronic parcel locker instead of your hallway, lobby or offices. With our full audit log for every package and real-time video surveillance, disappearing packages will be a thing of the past.

24/7 access to their packages means an unparalleled level of service for your residents with our electronic locker systems.

Accepts 100% of deliveries, ALL carriers and even oversized packages


Includes time-saving management reports

Carries insurance against package loss

provides 24/7 surveillance and customer support


Installs courier access control for unattended buildings


Captures resident signature and photo for proof of package pick-up

Let us show you your ROI in as little as 3 months and an increased building Net Operating Income

Packages delivery by the numbers


Small packages


Medium packages


Large packages


Oversized packages

A typical 200 unit building receives…

Packages per day

Packages per month

Packages per year

* National Multifamily Housing Council Figures are for US Rentals Only
** Online shopping increase since 2013


Packages picked up with 6 hours


Packages picked up after 6pm

Package Lockers

Our lockers are designed to store packages and meet your needs. We offer three mix-and-match modules and we work with you to determine a combination that will be most effective in your building.

We also work directly with architects and planners to integrate Luxer One into new developments and remodels. Contact us for Revit and AutoCAD files.

Main Unit

Our base unit contains a screen, battery backup, electronics and 15 locker compartments. Only one main unit is required with every installation. Additional screens can be purchased separately and mounted on any surface.

Add-on Unit

This unit contains 17 additional compartments. You can add as many of these as you need!

All Medium compartments

This unit contains 14 additional all medium compartments. You can add as many of these as you need!


Oversized Unit

We found that about 20% of packages do not fit in standard lockers, which is why we strongly recommend at least one of these with every install for heavy-duty parcels. Adding an oversized storage locker means your lockers will be able to handle 100% of packages. If something is too large for our oversized unit (and it would have to be quite large), the resident will need to schedule a delivery.

Dry Clean Unit

Provide convenient & affordable clothing cleaning service to residents as an amenity! Patented angled lockers and interior bars allow for freshly cleaned clothing to drape inside, minimizing wrinkles. The wide locker design provides ample space for wash & fold delivery.


Outdoor Units

All our outdoor parcel lockers are based on our indoor modules with added weather resistant protection, seals, and our upper rain guard roof structure to protect the smart lockers and increase corrosion resistance, all packages, and to shelter the couriers and recipients for a convenient parcel delivery and pick up process . Interested in an outdoor installation?  Ask us!


How it works

1. Install

We install Luxer Lockers in your building.

2. Access

You grant us access to your building through your call box.

3. Accept Deliveries

Carriers from all delivery services deliver directly to your designated locker area.

4. Save Time

Your staff spends their time focusing on residents instead of the logistics of package management.

Integration with ALL major building management systems

Email for more information and pricing.