Never stress about

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Residential Package Locker Solutions

Are you tired of wasting a day waiting for a package or trying to schedule deliveries around your vacation? Do you worry that a package sitting in front of your door all day might accidentally “go missing”? You’ll never be stressed about residential package delivery again, because you have Luxer One intelligent lockers in your building!

Packages are securely stored in our electronic locker system instead of hallways, lobbies or offices. We maintain a full audit log using a software platform for every package and real-time video surveillance so disappearing packages will be a thing of the past.

24/7 access to your packages means you never have to wait an extra day to get the book, outfit or whatever it is you’ve been waiting for.  

Simplicity is our number one goal. Nothing changes about how you order online. The only thing that changes is how painlessly you get your packages through the smart locker solutions we offer.

Some common questions about Package Delivery Lockers

Will I be charged anything?
Your property has made a significant investment to purchase and maintain the package locker system. Each property chooses if and what they will charge residents. Please talk to your building manager to find out more.
How often will I get reminded about my package?
Each building has the flexibility to decide when reminder messages are sent, but generally they go out right away and then 1 day later and 3 days later. Your package will be returned back to the sender if it is not picked up in a few days. You can contact to find out your property’s specific policy.
What if I’m out of town when my package arrives?
You can login to your Luxer One account at and click “Select an action” next to the package you would like held. Choose the date you would like to pick up your package and select confirm. Building Management will be notified to hold your package. If they remove the package to make room for other deliveries, you will receive a new access code when they redeliver the package.
What should I do if I can't get into my locker?
If you have trouble accessing your locker, please send an email immediately to or call us at (415) 390-0123. Our phones are staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
How do you handle oversized packages?
Approximately 20% of packages will not fit in the standard lockers, which is why most properties have one of our oversized, shared lockers, or work out an arrangement to keep the large packages elsewhere. When accessing an oversized locker, please only retrieve packages addressed to you.
Is Luxer One in my building?
Register as a user and enter your address to see if your building provides Luxer One. If Luxer One is not available in your building, you can sign up to be notified when we have a location available for you.
How do I get a package delivered?

You order the package as you always would, entering your address just like normal. Your residential address is linked to your Luxer One account, so your package will be delivered directly to the secure Luxer One lockers in your building. You will receive a text message or email (depending on your preference) alerting your package is ready to pick up using the access code provided.

Can someone else pick up my package for me?
Once you receive your access code, you are free to give it to someone you trust to pick up your package for you. However, once the package leaves the secure locker, we are no longer responsible for it.
If my package gets returned, how do I get it resent?
If you don’t pickup your package within your building’s specified time frame, you will need to coordinate with the sender to resend it, once they get the package back.
What happens if a package is delivered to me but the carrier cannot find me in the locker system?

If you aren’t listed in the system, the delivery companies can deliver the package to a “house account.” The manager will be notified of the delivery and will reassign the package to you (if you are registered) or they will ask you to sign up and then they will reassign the package to you.

Can I opt out of Luxer One and have packages delivered to my door?
This depends on your building, so please contact your building manager.
What if my spouse, roommate or other resident receives a package?
When the driver goes to make a delivery they search by name and unit number. Therefore, everyone who may receive a package should create their own account at

Integration with ALL major building management systems

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