Your questions on our package delivery lockers

How many lockers do I need?

The best way to estimate how many lockers you’ll need is to know your current package volume. If that is not available, then the second best way is to find out the package volume of a similar property nearby. We’ve seen 200 unit properties receive 100 packages a day and others receive 15. When we have the estimated package volume, we look at your demographics and the number of units in your building and come up with a number of lockers for your building. Because package volume is growing by about 20% per year, we will also help you plan for inevitable growth in the future.

How many days will a package typically stay inside of a package locker?

Over 90% of packages are picked up the same day they are delivered. Packages are generally only stored when there is a communication issue (wrong email on initial import) or the resident is out of town.

What are your installation requirements (building type, space, volume, etc.)?

We will create a proposal for you which includes installation specifications. A few important ones to note are: A wired Internet connection with at least 500k upload speed is required. The lockers must fit through the doorway. When choosing a delivery location for the lockers, the more convenient you can make it for the delivery person, the easier it will be to get them on board. And if you want USPS to use the system, the lockers will need to be in the same space as the mailboxes.

Who (the carrier or the property management staff) puts the packages in the lockers?

The goal of the system is to remove management from all package handling, so our systems are designed so that the carriers do the deliveries. However, management has the capability to do the deliveries as well.

How do the carriers know where to put the packages inside the lockers?

Each building has a unique code for each carrier. Management provides the carrier with this code, which they use to access the building through an automated system we set up, as well as make their deliveries. Once logged into the system with this code on the touch screen, they simply select the resident and the size locker they need, one package at a time. The locker door pops open and they place the package in it. The average delivery time is 10 to 15 seconds per package.

If the carrier is responsible for the placement of the package in the locker how do you get them onboard/trained with the process?

It is the responsibility of the property management staff to onboard carriers in order to deliver to the lockers as expected. We provide the property with stickers, flyers and other materials to help instruct the carriers. We train the staff, and then they train the carriers.

How is the resident list updated and maintained in the locker system?

Although we can integrate into your management systems if necessary, we find it more efficient to have the residents manage their account themselves through our website, especially if any billing is required. This takes the burden off of the management staff and ensures that everyone is registered in the system. If they do not register, we have a process to make sure they get their packages.

What happens if a resident cannot be found in the locker system?

If a resident is not listed in the system, the carrier can deliver the package to a “house account.” The manager will be notified of the delivery and can reassign the package to the resident (if they are registered) or can ask the resident to sign up and then reassign the package to them. This process is patent pending and exclusive to LocKourier with Luxer One.

How are residents notified of a package delivery?

Residents get to set up their personal preferences and can decide whether they would like email or text notifications. Make sure to enter the shipping address correctly and accurately. 

How do residents retrieve their package (passcode, barcode, etc)?

Residents simply enter the code that comes with their package notification and the code pops open the locker.

If a resident cannot retrieve their package, who do they contact and how? If it is with your company, what are the staffed service hours?

Residents should contact us, although they might contact the property management as well. We provide each property with a key that lets management manually open the locker if the need arises. Our phones are staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

What happens if a resident is slow to retrieve a package or never picks it up?

Residents will get reminder emails and/or text messages. Each building has the ability to customize when these reminders are sent, but an email is generally sent right away and then 1 day later, 3 days later, 6 days later and 7 days later. After 7 days, the package will be returned to the sender.

How are packages handled if they expire in the locker?

After a preset amount a time, specified by your property, packages will automatically be flagged as “Return to Sender”.  The next time the carrier logs into the lockers to deliver a package they will be prompted to pickup any packages flagged for them.

How do you handle oversized packages?

Approximately 20% of packages will not fit in the standard lockers, which is why we strongly recommend at least one of our oversized, shared lockers at each location. Anything that can’t fit in this locker should be a scheduled delivery by a resident.

How do you handle signature required packages if proof of delivery is requested?

When the carrier makes a delivery, they can specify that a signature is required. When a resident picks up the package, they will need to sign for the package on the touch screen before the locker opens.

What are the power and networking requirements for your locker?

We require two 110v outlets and a wired Internet connection with at least 500k upload speed.

What color/style/shape of lockers are available?

Our standard locker is black metal and we can produce lockers for you in just about any color. We have a standard locker configuration and options for extra compartments, as well as an oversized locker which can accommodate multiple oversized packages.

Is the system ADA compatible?

Yes. Our screen is below 48″ and customers can specify if they need a low locker and then only low lockers will be allocated when a package is delivered for that resident.

Is the system ADA compatible?

Yes. Our screen is below 48″ and customers can specify if they need a low locker and then only low lockers will be allocated when a package is delivered for that resident.

What involvement will your company have post installation?

LocKourier will continue to help you use the system, after installation is complete. With our support contract, Luxer One will provide support for carriers, residents and the property via phone, remote monitoring and email.

What is your warranty?

With our required support contract, we provide a lifetime warranty. Customer support, hardware repairs and software upgrades are provided as long as your account is current.

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