Luxer Room

Tired of handling packages -due to the increased popularity of online shopping-, but not ready to invest in a fully automated, smart locker system? Our patent pending innovation, Luxer Room, may be the perfect fit for your property! Luxer Room frees your property manager and staff from dealing with packages, and costs less than many locker systems and software-only solutions on the market. Here at Lockourier, we strive to improve how the world receives goods through the package management solution. 

Luxer Room

Carriers deliver resident packages directly to your building’s package room using the Luxer One touch screen installed by the package room door. Only property staff, residents, and carriers can access the locked room to retrieve the packages delivered.

After package delivery, residents are notified instantly via text or email that they have a parcel waiting for them in the building’s package room, along with a one-time code to access the room and retrieve their packages.

Residents enter their access code at the package room’s touch screen and pick up their item. By using our smart package lockers, the system captures a signature and picture showing proof of pickup. Property staff isn’t required for any step!

Luxer Room locker solutions cost $0 to install in your building! Just pay a low monthly fee towards nationwide software support, customer support and customer service.

Compare Luxer Room to other package management options and see how it can be the most secure, affordable, and hands-off solution for your team!

How Luxer Room solves the package management problem

1. Install

We install Luxer Lockers in your building.

2. Access

You grant us access to your building through your call box.

3. Accept Deliveries

Carriers from all delivery services deliver directly to your designated locker area.

4. Save Time

Your staff spends their time focusing on residents instead of the logistics of package management or other package problems.

Interested in LocKourier's Luxer One options for your property?

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