Student Housing Package Management

Luxer One is the most technologically-advanced and safest package management solution, perfect for student housing. Contact us to learn more about how Luxer Lockers or Luxer Room could serve your student community for consecutive semesters.

Safety & Security

With Luxer Locker’s heavy duty steel construction and Luxer Room’s controlled access system, students can rest assured that their items stored are safely stowed away until they can retrieve them. Plus, 24/7 audio & video surveillance means you know exactly who’s retrieving items at your property.

24/7 Access & Support

All configurations are accessible 24/7, so students can pick up their packages any time of day or night, no matter what their schedule is. Our resident assistance services are also available to your and your students 24/7.

Patent Pending Resident Not Listed Functionality

Luxer One will accept every package, even if the resident’s name is not yet inputted into the system, or if it’s misspelled on a package. We designed this feature to work well with the high turnover at student housing facilities.

Flexible Placement Options

Our locker program integrates seamlessly with your building whether you have a garden-style community or a high-rise. Luxer Lockers or Luxer Room can be installed anywhere, including courtyards, clubhouses, student centers, and even outdoors.

Accepts All Package Carriers

All carriers and delivery services can use the Luxer One systems, including FedEx, UPS, DHL, Purolator, Canada Post, Amazon, and many more.

Interested LocKourier's Luxer One options for your student housing property?

Email for more information and pricing.