The end of the decade is approaching soon as online shopping continues to be a popular choice among 77% Canadians who opt to purchase online because of its convenience, especially during the holiday season. With the gifts account for 41% of total spending in Canada out of  80% of Canadians are hitting the buy button, e-commerce has sure found its home to grow in North America.  Package delivery has simultaneously become a highly potential industry along with the increasing number of real estate developers that proactively include smart locker system into their list of amenities of the multi-residential properties. At Lockourier, we’re all about innovations and giving more values to our clients. The year 2019 has marked significant milestones by Luxer One, to name one is the introduction of  the “Locker Accessibility Initiative”  which effectively enables all users to easily pick up packages from the smart locker systems at over 4,500 locations. The initiative includes accommodations for users with visual, hearing, cognitive, or physical limitations.

Another one is the recent record of accepting over 50 million packages since 2013 to date proves its commitment to change how the world receives goods. Most recently, this very last month of 2019 we are accepting an average of 150 thousand packages per day in both Canada and the US, that makes almost two packages every second of the day. With the ever increasing statistics of e-commerce and the growth of multi-residential properties, we’re entering 2020 with a realistic goal that the new decade will bring Lockourier so many rooms to continue to grow while establishing its position as the market leader of smart package delivery lockers in Canada by delivering the best in quality products – made in North America- equipped with cutting edge technology with a dedicated and excellent support team based in Canada.

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