With the busy lives of urban inhabitants, living in an apartment or condominium has become increasingly appealing for many people. With no grass to cut or fences to paint, residents can just enjoy life with friends and family. There are 100’s of multi-residential projects launching every year across North America establishing real estate as the country’s one of the most potential industries. Those looking to buy into this “chore-free” way of life are demanding the condo developer include the best conveniences and amenities that technology has to offer.

A prime example is located at the base of York St. in the heart of Toronto. The condo Ten York, by Tridel boasts a brand “Rising Above It All” – and it does. It has 65 storeys and is the first fully “Smart Building” in Canada with smart suite door locks, in-suite interactive touch screens, and both package delivery and dry clean delivery lockers, making a statement of what  condo living is all about.


Technology, that is, good technology can directly increase resident satisfaction and retention levels that benefit property management companies. When residents are unhappy with the amenities in their building, especially in big cities, residents can post public complaints through the condo and public social channels online. As well, if renting, it’s relatively easy for tenants to move to another building. It’s important for building developers and owners to partner with technology and brands that can help bring the most innovative, cost-effective tech into their multi-family building.

We believe that integrating a smart-locker system like Lockouriers’ LuxerOne line creates an easy to use, leading-edge method of delivering and receiving packages. In a time when more than 13 billion packages are shipped each year in North America alone, by far the #1 tech amenity with the quickest ROI is Lockourier package lockers. For both the courier and recipient, the process is frictionless. The bonus: no building staff required.

It’s ideal for the carriers. They can deliver 100% of their packages with no dreaded  “sorry we missed you” sticky note. The carriers truly are sorry, because they have to fill out your note, take the package back, and if you’re lucky attempt a second delivery. For the resident, there’s no checking at the front desk, no waiting for the concierge to return from break, and no fumbling around in a messy parcel room. The innovative Lockourier system even displays the package label in your email alert so you know who it’s from. That type of client-centric innovation is what has helped make Lockourier the #1 solution provider across Canada. Residents receive a texted and emailed a code to retrieve their packages from a camera monitored, protected locker.  Ensuring all packages are delivered to the residents with ease and at their convenience is now a priority for leading-edge multi-residential developer.

We know smart home appliances and gadgets such as light bulbs can be purchased for your home, and now, more multi-family buildings are integrating smart technology at the very inception of the development stage. For both residents and management companies, energy-efficient, smart technology is reducing expenses and saving time for all involved. Imagine a property manager controlling the air conditioning and heat in all the common areas with only a tap on their smartphone. Imagine no more, it’s all happening now.

Smart technology has become a standard element in multi-residential living. Many services we have come to depend on is fed from high-speed internet. Many buildings are managed under one internet provider, so it is important, with a large number of internet users under one roof, all using wi-fi for their personal, and business needs (whether that be on their devices or using smart technology), that everything will run smoothly. One internet shut down could affect an entire building/network. For many, having fast wi-fi is one of the determining factors in any decision to purchase or rent within a new condo or rental apartment development.

Enhancing and developing a strong resident/manager relationship while making sure that everyone stays connected can be key to keeping a peaceful living space for all residents in a multi-family building. If every member of a condo community shares in the benefits of convenience based technology of the building, you’re building will be sure to stand out.

What high-tech amenities have you seen out in the market?

Which ones do you think are worth the cost?

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