We mean it. We understand that many of our users need special assistance to retrieve their packages from our lockers, therefore, our automated package lockers are designed to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA) and 2010 ADA Standards for Accessible Design. Since the introduction of Locker Accessibility Initiative by our manufacturing partner, Luxer One, in late 2019, users with visual, hearing, cognitive, or physical limitations have been accommodated in over 4,500 locations.


The Assistive Controller allows visually impaired residents to experience the full functionality of the system without requiring any visuals. This combination speech output system and tactile interface allows for universal navigation of the parcel lockers.

The tactile interface makes it easier than ever to navigate the system. This is the same type of design you would see at many bank ATMs, airport kiosks, and many other familiar locations. It uses large arrow keys as well as a select button in the middle that are easy to learn for new users.

Using a standard headphone jack, any user can activate the text-to-speech system, which allows for full functionality of the system without the use of visuals. The system will automatically use voice prompts to guide the user through their package pickup in combination with the tactile interface.

The new Luxer One mobile app that makes contactless delivery possible also provides access to users with visual impairments if the Assistive Controller is not available. The iOS and Android mobile app is designed to take full advantage of the accessibility features provided by those devices, including full-screen readability. Many visually impaired users will already be familiar with using the screen readable accessibility features on their devices, which means a program’s digital text can be read aloud.


The interface built into our lockers is also designed to be used without the need for audio cues. Anyone can have the full pickup experience without needing to hear prompts or clicks. To pick up a package, we use a simple six-digit code that is emailed or texted to the resident, or even a QR code that can be scanned. While visually impaired users may opt for the audio cue functionality listed above, our hearing impaired users can easily use the package lockers without special feature additions. These users can also use the mobile app to pick up packages straight from their phone, instead of interacting with the locker screen.


Software simplicity is key to making any technology easy to use for everyone. Added steps can add complexity, so we’ve simplified package pickup to three easy steps:

First, the user scans their pickup code at the locker screen. Second, they sign their name. Third, they pick up their package from the locker that opens. As simple as 1-2-3! The user doesn’t need to track which locker their package is in, because the system will only open the one that contains their item.


For residents in a wheelchair, it’s important to reach the screen and the locker with ease, and without asking for help from someone else. Our accessibility features for these individuals are built right into the locker hardware, starting with the placement of the touchscreen. The touchscreen interface is placed below 48 inches from the ground, so the user can easily use it without reaching. They can also use the mobile app to open their locker.

The process for this is automatic too, so there is no room for human error when a package is being delivered. When a carrier is delivering a package, our system will know if the resident has selected this accessibility feature and only allow deliveries to these select lockers. This way, they never have to worry about reaching too far for their package.

At Lockourier, we aim to make package pickup a joy for users of all walks of life and that has been made possible through the specially designed assistive technology features built into the “Locker Accessibility Initiative”.

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Source: http://blog.luxerone.com/accessibility-how-luxer-one-makes-package-pickup-easy-for-everyone