The new technology has enabled people to simplify tasks and make things easier. Thousands of new apps are available every day, automation in all levels are on high demand, which results behaviour shifts when it comes to considering what type of place to live in Canada.

Real estate developers have put in the technology to meet this demand and among other the new “it” amenities offered to their tenants, package delivery lockers have become a necessity to today’s multi-residential tenants.  The need arises as e-commerce continues to see explosive growth in Canada.  Based on a Retail Insider article quoting the Admitad report, in 2018, more than 72.6 per cent of the population in North America made purchases online and by 2023 the proportion of online purchases predicts to exceed 75 per cent annually.  eMarketer data indicates the volume of online retail in Canada in 2018 promised to grow by 26.3 per cent and reach almost $43 billion, that is nine per cent of the total Canadian retail income.

Online shopping has made package management a serious challenge for property managers in North America and many communities are turning to technology for solutions. According to Bisnow, tenants are willing to pay more to have a package delivery system while more than 25% of new apartments offer this service and many built before 2012 have been adapting to this new trend, based on the data from

Lockourier, powered by Luxer One, specializes in providing solutions for the increasing issue of package deliveries to multi-residential buildings through its smart package locker system operated by a dedicated team based in Canada. The singular focus of parcel delivery system provision in Canada is key for clients who will turn to such expertise for their particular situation.


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